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Get paid to answer Surveys – The internet is full of all kinds of schemes to make money sitting at home likes get paid online survey. As is the case with the real world, there are schemes that work and there are frauds and scams. One of the popular programs to make money from home is the “Get Paid to Answer surveys”. There are companies that need customer feedback or others that need to know the market trends so that they can design and launch new products. They are willing to pay for opinions. They send questionnaires to your mail box, most of them in an easy to fill format, with multiple choice questions that you get paid to answer. Moreover, there are many eBooks and guides that offer to help you make a fortune online by participating in these surveys, and a lot of people are buying these too.

Making money by participating in surveys is not rocket science. All it requires is common sense and some time to spare. First of all, you need to know that contrary to what is advertised stridently by some of these websites, you can not become a millionaire by just participating in surveys. You can however get paid to answer if you join the right kind of program.

• Beware of the hype. Steer clear of companies that promise that you will make $30,000 a month. These are scams.
• Research the company well on Google. Read the reviews posted by other people. In my experience, if the company has not lived up to its promise, there will be negative reviews.
• Select a company that offers multiple programs, so that your earning is broad based.
• Select a company that is affiliated to reputed companies. It will never be short of surveys for you to participate in, and reputed companies pay well so you will have more cash to earn.

The advantages of joining a get paid to answer survey are many. It requires very little investment. All you need is access to a computer with an internet connection. It does not require expensive college education, or any special qualifications. You could be of any age, a school student or a retired person to start earning. All you need to do is join the right company, fill up their questionnaire so that they start sending you surveys that are best suited to your profile, and then get paid to answer the survey questions. There is no waiting period.
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Some people have been extremely successful in working on these surveys. This is because they studied the system, discovered how to utilize it for their own benefit. They have even quit their day jobs since they earned such a lot from surveys. Others join these programs and then quit.
The truth is that surveys are not a get rich quick scheme. You have to work at it, start slow and then study the market and the system. Once you master the system, you can start making a lot of money by the Get paid to answer surveys

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