Get Paid To Watch Videos and TV Online

“Paid to watch videos” or “get paid to watch videos” Did you search for this? These two quick tips will help you get paid to Watch videos as well as tv online. They are the two most amazing tips that we’ve used to earn double and triple of what we used to in past years. It’s unbelievable how much little tricks like this can do this for us, but they can.

This is about spotting the good websites from the bad ones just by looking at their very front page, before you even contemplate signing up to become a member. If you want a quick top 5 list, click here to get to my personal favorite sites to get paid to watch videos.

The first tip is so darn simple, yet it always gets bypassed by most people…

What Claims Are They Making? – Like we said, this goes for any get paid to watch videos websites you run into, so you can keep looking for them the same ways you always have. On the front page of the website, take a look around. Scan the text, absorbing everything they are telling you. Now, what is is saying? Are the claims pretty unbelievable? Are they throwing out dollar amounts like “$2000 a week?” If they are, this is the biggest sign that they are losers and you won’t earn very much cash. If you want to make money doing surveys online free, we can guarantee you that the places that exaggerate their claims are useless. In my experience, they are all slimy, tiny paying websites. They just like to hide the fact that they have minuscule payments by drawing you in with outrageous claims.

On the other hand, the websites that tell you right up front that you can make a couple hundred dollars are the ones you go to. The honest, truthful websites are always going to be your surest best. It’s been this way for over 3 years now. You need to know that you will not get rich when trying to get paid to watch videos. You can earn around $500-$600 a month, which isn’t too shabby, but don’t plan on quiting your day job.

This last tip helps you weed out even more of the bad eggs…

Pin Point Their Contact Info – We can’t even begin to tell you how useful this has been for us. When you are in doubt concerning one of these get paid to watch video websites, you should always look for their contact info. It will always be on the top or bottom of their first page. If you see an email address, a phone number or two, or an actual address, that’s a pretty darn good sign that they are legit and pretty high paying. If you are going to make money doing surveys online for free, this is one of the fastest ways to tell if you should bother with a certain website.

The places that put their contact info out in the forefront know that they have nothing to hide, so they let anybody contact them. The get paid to watch video websites that don’t offer ways to get in touch with them are always slimy, tiny paying survey sites. They know that their payments are terrible and they don’t want to get 100 complaints a day about it, so they simply don’t let people contact them! It’s a horrible thing to do, but they do it. Stay away from the survey sites that don’t have contact info if you want to get paid to watch videos online for free. It’s as simple as that. You do not want to be stuck with no way to get a hold of a get paid to watch videos site if you didn’t get your payment that month.

Those are the two ways to be certain you get paid to watch videos.

List of Websites To Get paid to watch videos:


Watching video is sometimes most people’s hobby, but it would be a lot nicer if you made some cash trying to do what you love doing (watching video). Some job opportunities just for watching video are available, though it’s quite rare but when gotten will be worth your time.

Nevertheless, apart from getting a paid to watch TV job, several other means of earning while you watch your favorite videos and shows are available.

1.Make Watching TV your Profession

TV stations and likes of it hire the services of a professional TV watcher to analyze and examine programs for hours to enable him pick the most suitable clips for broadcasts and shows.

Based on Investopedia, successfully employed TV watcher professionals are paid between $500 to $600 by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to just watch and provide their expertise. Also, you might want to take a look at “The Daily Show” program because they also require services of these professionals.

As good as this may sound, finding organizations that require these services is very difficult, some web-based industries such as Work In once had job openings but none required services of a TV watcher. You can as well perform searches as related to TV watcher opportunities to know if you’ll get lucky.

I once performed this search using key words “watch TV” and “TV watcher” and only got results related to it such as “field representative” for the TV ratings company ‘Nielsen’ and “customer service representative” position in Netflix.

Netflix offers the customer service representative position a fee of $14 for each hour and specifies that he/she should also love to watch TV shows and videos as bonus points will be added to Netflix binge-watchers.

  1. Watch Netflix Shows

This site has initially pointed out that binge-watching movies and shows on Netflix can earn your some extra cash. TV watchers called “taggers” are hired by Netflix to view these videos and clip in order to help them in classifying them. You can take the liberty of watching them on or sofa or bedroom at home because they will take your time.

Always visit Netflix job board in order to get the chance of being informed once the offer opens up.

  1. Earn While Watching Cooking Shows

Almost all the numerous shows available on Swagbucks video channel are cooking shows and just as TPH pointed out, you can earn extra cash while taking a look at these videos.

Swagbucks offers points called SB for watching these videos which can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or for gift cards and also a free $5 when you register and watch your first video.

  1. UseViggle to watch TV

Viggle allows you to earn extra cash for listening to music and watching your favorite TV shows.

Viggle offers some points for watching or listening which can be redeemed for incentives like free music downloads, gift cards and so on. It has been reported by viggle that so far, up to $19 million have been released as rewards.

According to reviews by Apple users on Viggle, there has been a major complain on the app’s newest version and complains mainly on lack of options to redeem points. Payments through gift cards have been so scarce leaving the digital download form of reward which requires many points as the only option.

  1. Watch Perk TV offers you points which can be redeemed for Amazon, Walmart, Target and Best Buy gift cards or exchange 1000 points for $1 just for watching TV and videos.

So far, reviews by Amazon on Perk TV have been so good having been rated 4/5 by 176 users. Nevertheless, the few features that need to be looked into are to always keep their app updated and provide adequate support. Some users are quite happy with the numerous options for redeeming of points and some suggested that flowing with the app properly can earn you quite an income to be dependent on.

A reviewer also said that you can only make few bucks on daily basis.

  1. Earn as You Play TV Trivia Games

You can choose from the numerous trivia categories available when you download the Perk Pop Quiz app. You are likely to find music and movie quotes from the 90’s and 2000’s as well as popular slogans.

Your points keep rising as you get each answers right and these points can be redeemed for Amazon, Starbucks, Nike, GameStop, Target gift cards among others.

Participating in this earns you about $15 to $20 on monthly basis which isn’t that much but worth better than nothing.

  1. Join the Nielsen Family

Nielsen is also well-known for their viewing practices tracking that enable them create ratings for TV programs and you will not only earn cash but privileged to choose what appears on TV and this is only when you are lucky enough to be among those used for sample.

That notwithstanding, Nielsen chooses the families randomly, so you don’t just wake up and decided to register with them. This was deduced according to Nielsen’s speech which says that

“We only select few family samplesfrom each community carefully to stand in for the TV audience because we can’t tell every family to participate in this TV survey. This randomly selection helps us to make more statistically precise decision and no matter the location of your family in US, you are at the odd of being chosen.

So always check your mail box as it has been noted that there has been an increment on the number of Nielsen household.

According to one of’s blogger who said that she earned $30 for watching and keeping record for a week, that’s an estimate of what you might earn.

  1. Discover Various TV-Watching Postings

Always form a habit of searching exclusively for these job advertisements by constantly clicking on ‘More Tools” and “Last Month” for updated results because not all TV-watching vacancies appear on the general results.

There was once a job advert that stated “TV watcher and companion” vacancy for my husband posted on as I was writing this posting. It described the expected amount to earned which is said is $10 to $15 each hour because I only want to be assured that my husband is ‘Alright’ just that you’ll get to watch what he wants to watch.

  1. Earn as you Watch Ads

Apps for watching paid to watch TV commercials are available to be downloaded on just that their rewards do not come inform of movies and music downloads as well as TV shows.

Other ways to get paid while watching TV

Some companies now pay to get their apps installed on your devices as well as follow up to know how their online contents and TV shows are viewed.

Three companies that pay for these services were reported by Penny Hoarder and they are as follows;

  • Cross Media Panel which pays up to $100 on yearly basis.
  • Media Insiders Panel offers up to $185 yearly and
  • Nielsen Mobile Panel which chooses their participants within a particular demographic category.

In conclusion, one other suggestive way to make money while watching TV is to be a an overnight pet sitter where you just get to play and feed the pets, then relax and watch TV and at the end, you get to earn about $50 to $100.

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