Top 15 Paid Online Surveys For Teens or Kids of 13, 14, 15, Year Olds

Online Surveys For Kids

Online Surveys For Kids

Are you one of the kid or teen interested in top paid online surveys for teens of 13, 14, 15, year old kids or teenagers? we listed here all online paid surveys that accept kids or teens of 13, 14, 15 years old and above. So if you are searching for online surveys for kids you have landed int the right place. They are not just online surveys for tens but also among the best in the survey industry with lots of high paying surveys to increase your earnings per day.

A lots of kids have been bombarding us with requests for list of online surveys they could earn money with. Although we have thought about that long time ago, we still think it will be best to help kids make money as well as lessen the burden they have on their parents and also give them financial freedom.

As a result of this, we have dedicated this page specifically for teens or kids who are looking to earn money online by completing surveys. Here, we will not list all only legit online surveys accept teenagers but also teach you step by step you can use to earn big online through paid surveys. So, if you are a kid, sit tight let’s roll on!

Paid Survey

Paid surveys may seem as one of the easiest ways to make money over the Internet. In fact, a large number of people are actually earning a steady amount of income for themselves by undertaking paid surveys. Not only are paid surveys easy to work with, they also help you make money whenever you require it.

But, since paid surveys offer such an amazing opportunity to make money over the Internet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are many fake programs and scam sites existing on the Internet that are waiting for opportunities to dupe ignorant or unknowing people out of their hard earned money in the name of paid surveys. Thus, you should be very careful before deciding on any particular paid survey program.

Here, we will offer you a specified guidance on the required points that you should keep in mind before choosing a good paid survey program. You will also be offered a chance to choose from some of the finest and most popular paid survey programs that are operating over the Internet today.

How Paid Survey Programs Work

Most authentic paid survey programs have their own client companies. These companies become members of the paid survey programs to get hold of willing participants for their surveys. When you join up for a paid survey program, you will be allowed to choose any kind of survey that you may wish to undertake.

When you choose a survey that you wish to do, the program will forward the related survey offered by the company to your mail id. You will have to fill up the question asked in the survey with your answers and then you will be required to send the finished survey back to the company.

On receipt of your survey, the program will add your portion of the commission to your account. This is how paid survey programs work. All the paid survey programs recommended on here are authentic and have proved capable of getting excellent results before. Till date, the programs Listed on this site have helped thousands of kids around the globe earn a steady stream of income for themselves through online surveys.

Paid survey programs are unique in the sense, you can choose as many surveys as you may wish to undertake. No program will force you to choose more and more number of surveys. You can undertake as many or as little surveys as you wish to.

Online marketers passion for teens

Teens have very long held a big influence in households, together with their rise in disposable earnings via the years, their opinions on what’s “cool” definitely is essential. Nowadays, it is difficult to not see a young adult which has a cellphone in 1 hand along with a coffee within the other whilst detecting or identifying one of the most up-to-date in trendy clothes and makeup. Even though numerous teens have jobs, most do not possess a great deal of cash, yet they’re even now avid consumers, which tends to make them a marketer’s dream; forge a item widely used amongst teens, and this technologically savvy group is going to do a great deal of the advertising for you.

Online Surveys Panels for teens

Due to their energy accessible on the marketplace, companies want to discover a lot more about what teenagers feel of their products, so they employ market research organizations to survey them. These market research firms frequently run paid survey panels, that are essentially sets of those that have chosen to take online surveys who’re provided the opportunity to take web surveys in substitution for rewards.

Why no surveys for teens below 13?

In the world of market research, a teen is usually understood to be somebody who’s really in in between 13-17 years old (or, a minor). Though you will find survey panels that may permit a ` their survey panels (although most restrict membership to people who’re 18+), survey panels do not usually permit teens (those below 13) to take part their panels.

What’s COPPA and Teen Surveys

COPPA is really the Children’s Web Privacy Protection Act that’s enforced by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission in the United States) that provides rigorous stipulations concerning how information for kids under the age of 13 needs to be collected and handled. If info isn’t handled properly, sites could be issued heavy fines. Simply because of those rigid regulations, a great deal of market research firms do not bother attempting to directly recruit teens to participate in their panels, as complete compliance may be tough.

Rather, when researchers are looking for the minds and views of teens, they’ll normally get it done indirectly, for instance asking the parent to ask their teens to come to the pc to take a survey whilst the parent remains present.

Even for teens, parent permission might still be needed

Be mindful that even though some individuals may survey panels permit kid membership, most continue to need parental approval. Basically, although teen may have the ability to sign up for themselves as a member of a survey panel, a parent or gaurdian might still be needed to provide permission via a form, or e-mail, to be able to grant their teen total approval for their taking part as a member of a survey panel.

Online surveys for teens

We have found more than two dozen reputable survey panels that accept teens as members. The advantages that each survey panel offers will differ from gift cards, to cash, to merchandise, and so on. Filling out paid surveys is not a job, but could be a good method to earn rewards for answering a few concerns.

How to avoid scam websites

Do not join any website that request for a registration fee before you can be allowed to join. No legitimate online survey with ever ask you to pay because you are already doing them a favour be joining and completing surveys. They receive commission from their sponsors for every survey you complete, so asking you to pay before joining is illegal.

Make sure to read the term of services of each website before signing up to avoid wasting losing your hard earn money. First, you must find out about their payment methods, the kind of people they accept, if they accept kids in your age bracket of not. Also make sure they will not expose your personal information to the public as most of the scam websites do.

Make sure to research thoroughly about the website before join. You for their payment proof using Google image search. And know what their members are saying by linking up with their members on forums, social network sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. if there no payment proof and lots of complaints, it is a big indication that they are scam.

Don’t join paid online survey sites that set their minimum Cashout requirement above $40. This is one of the tricks use by scammers, to make it difficult to reach their Cashout requirement by increasing it as well as reducing the number of surveys you can take.

In case you do not want to go through the above tips, we have helped you list all the online surveys for kids and will continue updating you with more once we discover them. You may browse through the lists of websites below to find the one that suits you best. Note, the more websites you join, the more survey your will take and the more money that comes your way.

Top 15 online Surveys for kids

Superpay is among the online surveys that accept kids. Here, you have to be 13 years and above to be able to complete surveys and offers. There are over 700 international offers available and lots of earnings features as well. The minimum Cashout is $2 through Pyapal, Payza, Neteller and Amazon gift cards.

Cashcrate is another popular paid survey sites for 13 years old and above kids. Here, you wil make money doing daily surveys, completing offers, shopping etc the minimum cashout is $20 via PayPal and Check.

Rewardingways is the sister site of superpay. They are owned are controlled by one person who happen to be a very popular personality online. They pay you every single cent you earn without cheating, unlike majority of paid survey sites online. Everything found on superpay can also be found here. Including instant payment and payment methods.

Offernatio is another website for for teens. You will earn points for every survey and offer you complete on the site. The points are converted to cash and Cashout via PayPal, Payza, Check and Gift cards. The minimum Cashout is $2 via instant payment.

Points2shop is one of the top online survey sites that pay via kids for every survey they take. Points and cash are earn for surveys and offers. Points can be redeem for various gift cards or items on Amazon and cash are withdrawn via Check, Payza, PayPal etc.

Treasuretrooper is one of the oldest paid online survey sites. Here, you will have to be a minimum of 12 years to be accepted for surveys. If you love playing games then treasure hunt game is for you. You can winner up to $100 playing this. The minimum Cashout is $20 via PayPal and Payza.

Mintvine is a new online survey sites for kids of 13 years and above. Here, surveys are regularly send to your email daily. You will be able to earn money for filling in the surveys as well as offers. The minimum ca
IntaGC is a good place to be too but you will have to Cashout via Amazon gift cards alone. You will make good earnings here if you don’t mind the gift card. You can request and get your card instantly.

Surveysavvy is among the oldest paid survey sites online for teenagers. As a member, you are advised to complete your profile because surveys are sent based on your profile info. The minimum Cashout is $1 and the method is Check only.

How to make huge money through paid surveys

If you really want to make big money by taking online surveys, you will have to follow the steps below:

1 Sign up for many online surveys for teens. Join as many surveys sites as possible. It is allowed. Use different email address on each of the website so as to be able to do the same offer over and over again on different website and get paid for them.

2. Once you sign up for each site, a confirmation email will be sent to your email box. Visit the emails address you used in signing up and then confirm or activate your account by click on the activation link. Do the same on all the paid survey sites you join.

3. Use spread sheet to save all the info on each of the sites and the list of all the websites you join. Make sure to complete your profile with correct info. These information are used to find surveys you can be able to do.

4. Visit each site one after the order daily to complete available surveys. Some survey sites will send you email once there is a survey that match your profile, so make sure to visit email regularly.

5. Complete every available survey truthfully. Don’t try to favour the sponsor because you may end up hurting yourself. Just put down what you thing is the best answers, that is what they demand from you.

6. In case there are too much survey to fill, you made need to download Roboform at It is a software that allows you to automatically complete surveys with just a click of button. But make sure you do not rush to submit the surveys in order to avoid suspicion.

7. Make use of the referral program. You can invite your families and friends and earn money in the process. You will earn commission for every survey they complete. Note that his commission does not affect their earnings so it is a win win for both parties. We have seen a lot of people making over $1000 per month on referral program alone. If you want to learn how to refer a lot of people, you may visit .. How to Get Referrals….

8. Utilize other features such as paid emails, Paid to shop, paid to watch video etc. to learn how to use these features, 30 legitimate Survey Sites.

We shall keep you updated on more websites that accept kids for surveys so make sure to visit this post regualarly or bookmark for a quick visit. Do you know any other survey for kids? Use the comment section below to give us your opinion or list of online surveys for kids.

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