Top 20 Legit Best GPT (Get Paid To) Sites That Pay Via Paypal, Check etc

GPT Sites is an easy way to earn money online. Here, we will list and review the top 20 legit best GPT (Get Paid To) sites that actually pay cash through Paypal, Check without scam and also show you various ways you can use them to make money online without without investment. So, if you are looking for earn money via these top 20 best get paid to sites, you have come to the right place.

What is Get Paid To  Sites?

Get Paid to sites also known as GPT sites are reward websites that compensate you for doing small tasks on their websites such as completing paid surveys, shopping, watching videos, paying games, test products and services etc.

How To Avoid (Get Paid To) GPT Sites Scam

Completing tasks on GPT Sites can be a great way to earn some extra cash online, but there are almost as many scam GPT sites as there are legitimate ones. Should you want to try your hand at doing tasks to make extra cash, you will need to know how to disctate the red flags, investigate suspicious Get Paid To sites, and report a fraudulent website to the proper authorities. Thousands of people have fallen prey to these kinds of scams in the past, so it very important learn how to protect yourself from these shady operators.

1. Don’t pay to play. A legitimate GPT website won’t ask you to pay them to complete offers–so they can pay you. That is just passing money back and forth, and it is not a legit business model.

Even if it somehow seems like an obvious point, it needs to be made. A lot of people fall for this kind of scam each day. At best, the scammer will take your hard money and flood you with a deluge of hard offers you get paid a dollar to complete, hoping that you will get tired and quit, never recouping your cash. At worst, they will just take your hard earned money and run away.

 2. Watch out for phishing. If you get an spam email inviting you to complete offer in return for reward, do not take it. It is most likely a phishing fraud.

“Phishing” is a term for a scammer trying to get your personal info in order to steal your identity. They will either get it through installing malware on your PC (the malware’s embedded in the link you followed), or just by getting you to enter it so you can complete their “offers.”

3. Look out for their privacy policy.All legitimate GPT sites have privacy policy. If you can not find a privacy policy, you should assume the GPT is a scam.

If you see a privacy policy link, ensure to click on it. Smart scammers will sometimes add what seems to be a link to a privacy policy, However when you try and follow the link, you will discover it leads nowhere.

The same thing goes for an “About Page”.  some GPT sites have no interest in keeping their identities a secret. If the website you are on on does not include an “About Page”, stay away.

4. Do not get tempted by outlandish rewards. No one will become a millionaire sitting around the house doing offers. You might not even be able to assist yourself on the proceeds.

Nobody is ever likely to pay you $200 to complete offers, and if everyone promises to, they are just trying to scheme a way to get your personal data, like credit card numbers, your Ss #, and you bank account numbers.

5. Go to forums as well as blogs. The little but lively community of internet offer-takers should serve as the initial line of defense against dubious GPT sites. If you suspect an offer you are about to take is not on the up-and-up, take a look around on some of the larger forums and also blogs to find out if any have been blacklisted by the GPT community.

6. Carry out an online search. As well as the BBB, there are more sites, such as and offer ratings as well as listings especially for GPT sites.

This is certainly another area where you have to exercise caution. One rip-off detection website in particular,, has a bad reputation for flagging scams. Some experts claim they do not catch obvious scams, or permit GPT to pay to have negative info taken off.

Reporting Scam GPT sites to the right Authorities

1. Inform the Better Business Bureau. If you run into a GPT scam, let the Better business bureau know. Because the BBB is the premier organization in establishing best business practices, it is almost always the first place someone goes to check into a business’s reputation. Hence, you should report to the Better business bureau right away.

Even when other people have reported a similar GPT site, go on and make your own report–it helps to make the other negative reports look a lot more convincing. After all, a single person calling a GPT site a scam could be a crank. If 50 people call the same GPT site a scam, they are probably not all cranks.

2. Report it to the FTC. Even though the FTC does not act as a law enforcement agency, it will collect complaints of fraud from individuals as well as distribute them to law enforcement agencies. Report a fraud at
All you’ll require is your personal info, some information regarding the scam, and as much info about the GPT site as possible, which includes email, web URL, and phone number and street address if possible.

3. Speak to your local attorney general. Every state has also a consumer protection agency, that are run from the office of every state’s attorney general. If you wish to file a complaint with the state office of consumer safety, just perform an online lookup for “consumer complaints to [your state’s] attorney general” or head to and locate the listing for the attorney general in the state where you live.

Although every state may have different rules as well as procedures, you’re going to wish to have the same kind of info for a state consumer safety agency as you would like to have for the FTC. Furthermore, it’s better to try and ensure you know how much cash you lost on the scam GPT site, or no. If applicable, add in the cash you would have made whilst you were being conned .

4. File a complaint with the Federal bureau of investigation. The FBI has a devoted section handling internet crime. If you believe the scam you dealt with increases to the level of criminal activity, the way it would if the website were a veiled attempt at collecting personal information for the purposes of identity fraud, then you need to report it to the Federal bureau of investigation.
File your complaint at You need to collect as much info as possible, for example the details of how you were cheated, your address, telephone, an email, as well as any financial transaction info relating to the scam (such as dates, sums, as well as account numbers.)

5. Search for similar agencies outside of the United states. If you reside outside of the United states, you will need to find a similar consumer protection agency in your residence country.
For example, a Canadian may check with the Canadian Office of Consumer Affairs, at the A subject of the United kingdom may go through the United kingdom’s Consumer Rights page on the site.

 Top 20 Best GPT (Get Paid To) Sites

Points2Shop is a really large online rewards program. Gain credits for accomplishing online activities which include surveys online and offers, playing games, shopping on the web, viewing videos, and a lot more. Points2Shop has also mobile apps available, making it easier to build up a lot more rewards.

The way it works

Complete offers – complete a variety of offers from a huge selection of companies, and generate credits to your account. Some demand credit cards, others do not. These range between activities like engaging in free trials, to obtaining free quotes, to completing membership applications. Points2Shop claims to have a very unique number of advertisers, some not found on other reward sites.

Take surveys online – there are numerous online surveys available from your website, with many being offered by providers like Peanut Labs and uSamp.
Play games – earn points by playing free online games. The twist? Bet your points in online games against other players – winner normally takes all! If you’re efficient at playing video games, this might be the best way to gather points quickly.

Contests – Points2Shop on a regular basis holds contests and also lotteries. Contests are normally more money rewards for referring members.

Refer friends and get paid – receive around $1.00 for each and every American or UK user you refer (get $0.50 after they verify their e-mail address, and an additional $0.50 once they complete their first offer). In addition, after that, receive as much as 15% of what your American referrals make on the website.

Acquire points that can then be redeemed for your choice of the numerous products on Amazon. Basically, any product which you’d like to purchase on Amazon, you can do so on Points2Shop, using your points. Almost all products are delivered within a week of their request.

Every point on Points2Shop is worth One penny worth of Amazon rewards. Technically, you can actually request rewards with as small as $1 in your account, but not only will this not purchase you much on Amazon, you won’t have the ability to take advantage of free shipping for the item. It’s best therefore, to wait until there is a healthier points balance before cashing out the balance.

However, if you’d love to redeem your points for money, this can be done using Cashle (Point2Shop’s cash payment site) where you could get paid through PayPal, and also by other online payment processors.

Qualifications: You have to be at least 18 years old or at least 13 years of age with parental approval to enroll in Points2Shop. Despite the fact that the website is open to people worldwide, people from the USA, UK, as well as Canada could find they’ve the most success with the site.

SendEarnings is a cash-based online rewards site that will shares the revenue it produces from companies with its participants. Members are able to engage in activities like reading e-mails, responding to online surveys, and shopping, and will be given cash back on the tasks they complete.

SendEarnings is very just like InboxDollars, and is operated by the exact same company. Participants make money, not points for each and every activity successfully completed.

How it operates

Make money credited to your account whenever you complete certain tasks. For instance ,:

Making use of coupons – find numerous printable grocery coupons specific to your area, and also earn extra money back when you use them!

Playing online games – play lots of different kinds of games – casino-style, Bejeweled, etc. and gain cashback.

Shopping cashback – visit the SendEarnings site and acquire cash back for your purchases from stores which includes Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and much more.

Answering surveys – answer online surveys as they become accessible, and earn money each time you successfully complete a survey.

Reading paid e-mails – receive emails with special offers, and generate cash.
Referring friends – refer friends and make 10% of what they earn for life. Banners along with your unique link will be supplied in your account.

After your account reaches a balance of $30, you can demand a check or a Visa Cash Card.

For non-Gold members, it will require around 2 weeks for payments to be processed. Regarding Gold members, payments are processed weekly. Payments are issued in US dollars, irrespective of where you live.

Becoming a Gold user

After receiving payment the very first time, your account may immediately be upgraded to Gold. Gold users enjoy additional perks which includes more quickly payments, additional sweepstakes entries, much more loyalty rewards, and much more lucrative referral rewards.

Eligibility: SendEarnings is open to international residents 18 yrs . old and above

GiftHulk is a rewards site. Participants can earn Hulk Coins by taking part in various tasks, and coins can then be exchanged for a wide array of gift cards and cash options.

How it works

Complete tasks – carry out easy, straightforward tasks and earn your way to a lot more Hulk Coins.

Complete surveys – on most days there ought to be surveys readily available in your account that you can complete in exchange for Hulk Coins.
Complete offers – be involved in trials, register for different programs and services, and gain credits to your account.
GiftHulk Search – make use of the Gifthulk search engine in place of your typical one and gain coins for doing online searches you’ll anyway.

Watch Television – view intriguing videos on GiftHulk TV and gain coins.

Special Tasks – make extra credits by filling out special tasks which include blogging about GiftHulk, creating a forum thread in regards to the program, or creating a YouTube video concerning your GiftHulk experiences.

Referrals – refer a friend and immediately receive 100 Hulk Coins. Recieve an additional 500 Hulk Coins when your referral generates 1000 Hulk Coins by filling out offers, tasks, surveys, web searches, etc. Hence, each and every referral can be worth up to 600 Hulk Coins.

GiftHulk comes with a range of rewards to pick from in the Hulk Store. Redeem your Hulk Coins for gift certificates from iTunes, Amazon, Wal-mart, Google Play, Best Buy, Groupon, Home Depot, etc. You can even request PayPal payments, Bitcoins, and also merchandise. There are dozens of different prize options available. 10,000 Hulk Coins equals something like $10 and you can begin to get gift cards and also payments with 5,000 points ($5).

You can even bid on items to win them. As an example, you can bid 25 coins to attempt to win a $10 PayPal payment (which is typically 10,000 coins).

You will get any e-prizes in under Seven business days from the date of your redemption. Together with physical prizes, your reward can also be shipped to you in under Seven working days.

Eligibility: GiftHulk is available to residents of Germany, United states, United kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

PrizeRebel is a free GPT (get-paid-to) rewards site in which members are rewarded for filling out tasks as well as activities in return for gift cards, cash, and also merchandise.

How it operates

Complete offers – complete offers for example registering for trials, joining mailing lists, etc., in return for points.

Take surveys – take web surveys and get rewarded for your views. Daily surveys are available through the following online survey routers: Your Surveys, Samplicious Surveys, Cint Daily Surveys, OxSample Router, Precision Sample Surveys, Tap Research Surveys and much more.

View videos – view short videos and generate points.
Carry out tasks – carry out simple online tasks such as performing internet searches, and see your account balance grow.

Gather daily points – in your PrizeRebel account will certainly be a daily points page that will list opportunities for tasks that may be completed up to 20x each day. It is an great way to accumulate extra points.
Take part in contests and also games – earn bonus earnings by taking part in contests, raffles, and also things like the Lucky Numbers Game.

Referrals – Generate between 20-30% of what your referrals make, excluding promo codes, contest winnings, as well as their own referral earnings. The proportion is according to your account level.

Account Level Extras – Uncover more account benefits as you build up more points. Account level points depend on regular tasks and also activities, as well as your referrals’ earnings. Reach the gold level or higher and instantly receive rewards claim codes if they’re in stock. The tiers are listed below: Silver – 1000 points, Gold – 3000 points, Platinum – 7000 points, and also Diamond – 12,000 points.

PrizeRebel provides a wide selection of rewards. Both electronic and also physical gift cards can be found from retailers and brands for example Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Target, and a lot more. The rewards catalog will list regardless of whether a gift card is electronic or is going to be shipped. Credits for online games for example League of Legends and also providers like Rixty and Steam can be found.

On the other hand, you might redeem your points balance for a PayPal money payment, ACH bank transfer, or even bitcoins paid out by way of Snapcard.

You are able to request a reward with very little $5 worth of points in your account. Rewards processing is carried out within 24 hours.

Qualifications: PrizeRebel is available to people around the globe who’re Eighteen years old or older. Members 13-18 may use the site with parental authorization. Remember that users from the USA, UK, Canada, and also Australia will probably have the utmost success with the site.

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